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Do you tip in Spain?

Do you tip in Spain?

Tipping culture can vary greatly between countries, and Spain is no exception. For travelers who want to visit this great country, it is important to understand the norms and expectations surrounding tipping. This can help avoid any awkward moments and make sure to have a smooth and respectful interaction. In this blog post, we will tell you everything about tipping in Spain, covering who to tip, when to tip, and how much to tip. Knowing the basics about tipping in Spain will help you get a more pleasant stay.

Tipping in Spain

In Spain, tipping is not as big or obligatory as in some other countries like the United States. However, it is still much appreciated to tip in some situations and it can be a gesture of gratitude for the service. In Spain, the tipping is different than in other countries. In countries like the United States tipping is expected regardless of the service quality, while in Spain it is more customary to tip only for exceptional services.

Who to Tip?

There are many places in Spain where you can tip the staff. In restaurants and cafes, tipping is not mandatory, but it is common practice to leave a small tip if you like to service. A tip of around 5-10% of the total bill is seen as generous and will be much appreciated by the staff. In Bars when you are ordering cocktails it is not customary to tip for each individual drink. What you can do is leave a small tip when paying the final bill. Tipping hotel staff such as housekeeping is not mandatory, however, if a member of the staff goes above your expectations it will be much appreciated to leave a small tip for this service. Tipping taxi drivers is also not obligatory. What is usual in Spain is to round up the fare to the nearest euro, or add a small tip for the service.


When to tip?

In Spain, tipping is typically done at the end of a meal or service instead of tipping upfront. In this way, you can assess the service’s quality first and then decide if it is also worth a tip. You can also decide this way how much to tip, if the service is exceptional you can tip more and if the service is just great you can tip less. One thing that you also need to be aware of is that tipping in cash is the preferred method. Not all establishments accept tips for credit card payments.

How Much to Tip?

The amount to tip in Spain can vary depending on how much you liked the service and your overall satisfaction. But there are some general guidelines you can follow the keep it easy. In restaurants and cafés, it is seen as normal to give a tip of around 5-10%. For services in a bar, it is seen as normal to round up the bill or to leave a small tip of 1-2 euros. Hotel staff and taxi drivers may appreciate a tip of 1-2 euros.

Cultural Considerations

Tipping is much appreciated in Spain. but it is essential to respect the local customs and norms. Unlike in some countries where tipping is expected and even factored into wages, tipping in Spain is more just about showing your appreciation for the given services. Additionally, it is also important to know that service charges are sometimes already included in the bill at a restaurant. This is especially common when you are with a large group, so it is advisable to first check the bill before you decide to give a tip.


Tipping in Spain is not obligatory or prevalent as in some other countries, but it is still appreciated as a gesture of gratitude for the service. We have now discussed who to tip, when to tip, and how much to tip. These things are very important to know before visiting Spain. In this way, you will have dining and hospitality experiences with confidence and respect for the local customs. Following these guidelines and giving people an appreciation for the services can give you many great interactions with the service providers. This will contribute to a positive and respectful travel experience in Spain.