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Alicante is a beautiful city in Spain. It’s on the eastern coast, right by the Mediterranean Sea. Imagine sunny days, blue skies, and the sound of waves. People in Alicante are friendly and welcoming. If you visit, you might hear them speaking Spanish, as it’s the main language. But don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish; many people understand English, especially in tourist areas.


One of the cool things about Alicante is its stunning beaches. Playa del Postiguet is a famous one, where you can relax in the sun and enjoy the sea breeze. And guess what? The water is usually warm! Alicante has a castle called Santa Barbara Castle. It’s on top of a hill, and when you go up there, you get an amazing view of the city and the sea. It’s like a picture from a storybook.


The city has a lively atmosphere. You can stroll through the streets, find little cafes, and enjoy some delicious Spanish food. Paella is a must-try – it’s a tasty dish with rice, vegetables, and maybe some seafood or chicken.


Alicante also has a fun tradition called “Hogueras de San Juan.” In June, they celebrate with big bonfires, fireworks, and parties. It’s a time when everyone comes together to enjoy and have a good time. So, Alicante is a wonderful place with sun, sea, friendly people, and lots of things to see and do. It’s like a sunny paradise waiting to be explored!

What to do in Alicante?

Santa Bárbara Castle

Santa Bárbara Castle

What to do in Alicante for a day of adventure? Exploring the Castillo de Santa Bárbara and enjoying panoramic views of the city is a thrilling experience not to be missed. Alright, imagine you’re in Alicante and you look up on a hill. What do you see? That’s right – Santa Bárbara Castle! It’s like a big, ancient castle that’s been watching over Alicante for a really, really long time.


Now, getting up there might sound like a climb, but don’t worry. You can take an elevator or walk up – your choice! And guess what? The view from the top is like a magical painting. You can see the whole city and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It’s like, “Wow!”


The castle is super old – we’re talking centuries here. People built it a long time ago to keep an eye on things and protect the city. Imagine knights and kings hanging out there back in the day.


When you explore the castle, you’ll find cool stuff like big walls, towers, and even a deep well. It’s like stepping into a storybook castle, complete with secrets and history.


There’s a lot of space to wander around, so you can feel like a brave explorer discovering hidden corners. Don’t forget to take some awesome pictures! It’s like capturing a piece of history.


Oh, and here’s a fun fact – they sometimes have events and concerts up at the castle. Imagine listening to music with that incredible view – it’s like a concert in the sky.

Alicante Old Town (Barrio de la Santa Cruz)

What to do in Alicante for a taste of history? Taking a stroll through the historic Barrio de Santa Cruz and marveling at its charming streets and whitewashed houses is a must-do. Imagine tiny streets with colorful buildings. It’s like a small adventure where each building has its own story. In the Old Town, there are cute shops. You can find special things there, like souvenirs and handmade stuff. It’s a good place to discover unique things.


And oh, the cafés! Picture yourself sitting in a small café, having a drink, and watching people walk by. It’s a relaxed and friendly place, like being part of a big family. The Town Hall Square is a cool spot. It’s the heart of the Old Town, with old buildings and a lot of energy. Sometimes, there are events happening there, making it even more fun.


Let’s talk about Santa Cruz, a part of the Old Town. The houses there are pretty, with colorful tiles and flowers. It’s like walking in a happy neighborhood. As you explore, you might find hidden squares where locals hang out. It’s like finding secret places where the community comes together.


And don’t forget the Basílica de Santa María, a beautiful church in the Old Town. It’s like a historic treasure, and inside, it feels calm and nice.

Playa del Postiguet

Wondering what to do in Alicante to relax? Lounging on the sandy shores of Playa del Postiguet and soaking up the Mediterranean sun is the perfect way to unwind. Playa del Postiguet is a beach with soft sand and blue water. It’s like a big, comfy chair next to the Mediterranean Sea. You can relax, build sandcastles, or just enjoy the sun. The beach is right near the Old Town, so you can easily walk there. It’s like having a friend next door – you can visit whenever you want!


When you’re on Playa del Postiguet, you’ll see people sunbathing, playing beach games, and maybe even splashing in the water. It’s like a big, happy playground with the sea as the main attraction. And guess what? There are cafes and ice cream shops nearby. So, if you feel like having a snack or a refreshing treat, it’s right there – super convenient!


From the beach, you can also see Santa Bárbara Castle on a hill. It’s like a big, old friend watching over you while you have fun in the sun. Playa del Postiguet is perfect for a chill day or a fun afternoon. Whether you want to take a dip in the sea or just relax with a good book, it’s like a little paradise in the middle of the Old Town. So, if you’re in Alicante, don’t forget your sunscreen – the beach is waiting for you!

Basilica of Santa Maria

Basilica of Santa Maria

The Basilica of Santa Maria is a beautiful church in the Old Town. It’s like a big, quiet friend among the colorful buildings.

When you go inside, it’s peaceful. You can feel the calmness – it’s like a break from the busy world outside.


The church has tall walls and colorful windows. It’s like being in a magical space filled with history and stories.

People sometimes go there to sit, think, or say a little prayer. It’s like a secret spot for some quiet time.


The Basilica is old, really old. It’s been here for a long, long time, watching over the city. Imagine all the things it has seen! So, if you’re in Alicante and want a peaceful moment, check out the Basilica of Santa Maria. It’s like a little escape in the middle of the lively Old Town – a place where you can feel a bit of serenity.

Explanada de España

Explanada de España

What to do in Alicante for a romantic evening? Watching the sunset from the iconic Explanada de España and enjoying a leisurely stroll along the palm-lined promenade sets the mood for a memorable night. Explanada de España is a vibrant promenade located in Alicante. renowned for its palm-lined walkways, colorful mosaic tiles, and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. As you stroll along the Explanada, you’ll be captivated by its lively atmosphere and picturesque setting.


One of the highlights of Explanada de España is its iconic mosaic pavement, which features millions of marble tiles arranged in intricate patterns and designs. This beautiful artwork stretches for over a kilometer, making it one of the longest mosaic promenades in the world. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to take leisurely walks, jog, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.


Along the promenade, you’ll find a variety of cafes, restaurants, and ice cream parlors where you can stop and refuel. It’s the perfect place to grab a refreshing drink or sample some delicious Spanish cuisine while taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling waterfront.


For those seeking adventure, Explanada de España also offers opportunities for water sports and activities. You can rent paddleboats, kayaks, or take a boat tour to explore the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Alternatively, you can simply soak up the sun on one of the nearby beaches, such as Playa del Postiguet, which is just a short walk away from the promenade.



Villajoyosa, also known as La Vila Joiosa, is a picturesque coastal town located on the Costa Blanca in the province of Alicante, Spain. Famous for its colorful houses, sandy beaches, and rich chocolate heritage, Villajoyosa is a delightful destination for travelers seeking sun, sea, and culture.


As you wander through the streets of Villajoyosa, you’ll be enchanted by the rows of brightly painted houses that line the waterfront. Each house is adorned with a different vibrant hue, creating a charming and photogenic backdrop for your explorations.


One of the main attractions of Villajoyosa is its long sandy beaches, which stretch for miles along the coast. Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, swim, or try your hand at water sports, there’s a beach for everyone to enjoy. Playa Centro and Playa Paradis are two of the most popular beaches in the area, offering golden sands and crystal-clear waters.


In addition to its beaches, Villajoyosa is also famous for its chocolate industry. The town is home to several chocolate factories, including Valor, one of the oldest and most prestigious chocolate brands in Spain. Visitors can take guided tours of the Valor factory to learn about the chocolate-making process and sample some delicious treats.


For those interested in history and culture, Villajoyosa has plenty to offer. The town’s old quarter is dotted with historic buildings, churches, and museums, providing insight into its rich heritage and maritime past.

5 Interesting facts about Alicante

1. Sunny Vibes: Alicante is like a sunshine paradise. Imagine having around 3,000 hours of sunshine every year – that’s a lot! So, pack those sunglasses and get ready for a bright time.

2. Colorful Fireworks Festival: Every June, Alicante throws a big party called “Hogueras de San Juan.” It’s like a colorful explosion of fireworks and bonfires. People dance, celebrate, and have a great time – it’s a real fiesta!

3. Santa Bárbara Castle Views: Up on a hill, there’s Santa Bárbara Castle, like a giant lookout. Imagine going up there and seeing the whole city and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. It’s like being on top of the world!

4. Tasty Paella: Alicante is famous for its delicious paella. It’s like a yummy dish with rice, veggies, and maybe some seafood or chicken. Locals know how to make it just right – a taste of Alicante in every bite!

5. Volcano Lookalike: Mount Benacantil, where Santa Bárbara Castle sits, looks like a giant rock. Some people say it’s like a sleeping elephant or even a volcano. It’s a natural wonder that adds a bit of magic to the Alicante skyline.

Alicante's Festivals and Fiestas

Hogueras de San Juan: Imagine this – June comes around, and Alicante turns into a giant celebration! It’s called “Hogueras de San Juan.” Picture big bonfires, colorful fireworks, and people dancing in the streets. It’s like a magical, fiery fiesta that lights up the night sky.

Semana Santa: In April, Alicante hosts “Semana Santa,” which means Holy Week. It’s like a procession where people walk through the streets carrying statues and symbols. It’s a bit like a solemn and special parade, showing traditions that go way back. 

Carnaval: Get ready for a burst of colors and costumes during Carnaval! It’s like a lively party with people dressing up, dancing, and having a blast. It’s a time when Alicante becomes a playful and vibrant playground.

Moors and Christians Festival: Alicante also has a festival that’s like stepping back in time. It’s called the “Moors and Christians Festival.” Picture parades with people in medieval costumes, music, and reenactments of historical events. It’s like a living history lesson with a festive twist!

Virgen del Carmen: July brings the “Virgen del Carmen” celebration, dedicated to the patron saint of sailors. It’s like a seaside party with processions, music, and boats decorated in a festive style. The whole town gets involved, celebrating by the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean.

5 Unusual and Fun Things to Do in Alicante

1. Tabarca Island Trip: Fancy a boat ride? Head to Tabarca Island! It’s like a hidden gem just off the coast. You can take a boat, explore the island, and even snorkel in its clear blue waters. It’s like a mini island adventure away from the hustle and bustle.

2. Museum of Hogueras Figures: Ever heard of ninots? They’re these cool and sometimes funny statues made for the Hogueras festival. The Museum of Hogueras Figures is like a secret warehouse full of these unique creations. It’s like meeting the characters behind the fiery fiesta!

3. Sailing Sunset Cruise: Imagine sailing on the Mediterranean as the sun sets. That’s what a sunset cruise is like! It’s a romantic and peaceful experience, watching the sky turn all shades of orange and pink. Perfect for a chill evening.

4. Alicante Ghost Tour: Ready for some spooky fun? Join a ghost tour in the Old Town! It’s like exploring the hidden, mysterious side of Alicante. Listen to tales of ghosts and legends – it’s a different way to see the city after dark.

5. Cave of Canelobre Concerts: How about a concert in a cave? The Cave of Canelobre is like a natural amphitheater with stunning rock formations. Sometimes, they host concerts there, and the acoustics are amazing. It’s like enjoying music in a magical underground world.

Getting Around In Alicante

So, first off, walking is a breeze. The city’s like a big friendly playground, and you can reach cool places just by strolling around. Comfy shoes, and you’re good to go! Now, if you’re feeling a bit lazy or want a scenic ride, the tram is your buddy. It’s like a comfy train cruising along the coast. Sea views and easy travel – sounds good, right?


Buses are like these colorful bugs buzzing around. They go everywhere, making it super easy to explore the city without breaking the bank. Just hop on, and off you go! When you’re in a hurry, taxis are like your personal magic carpets. Wave one down, and they’ll zip you to your destination. Quick and easy!


Feeling adventurous? Renting a bike is like having your own little explorer. Alicante has bike lanes, so you can pedal around, see the sights, and get some exercise – double win!


And if you need to cross the water, water taxis are like floating cabs. They’ll ferry you from one side of the harbor to the other. It’s a bit like a mini boat adventure in the middle of your city exploration. For more information about Alicante you should check this blog