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5 Best Areas to Stay in Madrid

5 Best Areas to Stay in Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain, but also the biggest. This is why it can be hard to choose the best area to stay in this big city. There are so many great things to do in these areas in Madrid where you can stay or go for a short trip. Choosing the best neighborhood for you to stay in also depends on your budget, because the closer you get to the city´s center the more expensive it gets. In this guide, we will explore the five best areas to stay in Madrid each with their unique charm and budget.


We will start our journey right in the heart of Madrid. This area is the epicenter of the city and has many great and famous landmarks such as the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and Gran Vía. This area has a vibrant atmosphere and there are endless options to choose between restaurants. There are also many shops and bars in this area. In this area, there are always people on the streets which makes it the safest neighborhood in Madrid. However, you still have to be careful, especially for pickpockets on the big squares and in busy areas. Accommodation options vary a lot since there are so many hotels there is something for everyone. 


These are the best things to do in Sol: Plaza Mayor, Gran Vía, Royal Palace of Madrid and Mercado de San Miguel


Retiro is one of the best areas in Madrid for quiet and safety. This makes it a great area to stay with kids and it is very family friendly. This area is located east of the center. This district has one key tourist attraction which is called Retiro Park. This green park is a must-visit for travelers during the whole year. Once dusk falls the gates of the park will be closed to ensure that the neighborhood will be quiet. Inside the Retiro area, you will also find the Ibiza area and in this area, you will find the best food. There are many bakeries, restaurants, and bars in this area. 



These are the best things to do in Retiro: Retiro Park, Neptune Fountain, Museo Nacional del Prado, Casa Árabe, Paseo del Prado, Madrid Botanical Garden



Salamanca is the best area to stay in Madrid if you like luxury. It’s an upscale neighborhood with many fancy hotels, restaurants, and luxury shops. If you stay in this area it is also impossible to make it budget-friendly, but the quality is high which makes it one of the best-loved areas in Madrid. This area is perfect if you like to do high-end shopping. The area is also peaceful at night and there are many great restaurants. 


These are the best things to do in Salamanca: Lázaro Galdiano Museum, Mercado de la Paz, Designer shopping, National Archaeological Museum


Malasaña is a small area in Madrid that is located north of Sol. In this neighborhood, you will find many vintage shops and coffee houses. This area has got a hipster spirit from the 80s. There aren’t many big landmarks to be found in Malasaña, except some museums. However, this area is great if you are looking for a wide range of restaurants cafes, and nightlife that you can choose from. Malasaña is right next to Gran Vía, so it is located super central in the city. All the historic landmarks of Sol are within walking distance in this area. Malasaña is a neighborhood that scores on all aspects great and is overall a great area to go to in Madrid. 


These are the best things to do in Malasaña: Plaza de España, Temple of Debod, Mercado de San Ildefonso, Shopping at the boutiques, Cafe-hopping, Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center, Museum of Contemporary Art

La Latina

La Latina is the best area in Madrid for nightlife, atmosphere and food. Calle de la Cava Baja is the spot for tapas in Madrid. Most tapas bars open in the afternoon for lunch, close, and then reopen for dinner in the evening. Outside of all the delicious tapas bars in La Latina, several narrow streets are great to walk through. 


These are the best things to do in La Latina: Calle de la Cava Baja (a street with 50 tapas bars on it!) Saint Isidore Museum, Mercado de la Cebada, El MoNo Bikers and Beer Bar, Bar Viaducto