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The Nicest Parts Of Spain

What is the nicest part of Spain to visit?

Spain is a very diverse country and has many amazing places to offer for tourists. If you are wondering where to go for a great vacation this blog will help you find the best nicest parts of Spain. There is something for everyone whether you like busy places like Barcelona or more quiet places like Granada we got you covered. 


Andalusia is a region in southern Spain with a special mix of Spanish and Moorish cultures. You can visit places like Sevilla and Granada, here you will find beautiful palaces and lively streets. The best thing to see in Sevilla is to visit the Plaza de Espana, one of Spain’s best squares. Sevilla is also famous for their flamenco music, dance, and art. When you visit Sevilla you will feel the passion they have for Flamenco. Granada is another great city with many things to see and do, but one of the main attractions in Granada is the Alhambra Palace. This is a masterpiece of Islamic art and architecture. Alhambra Palace has beautiful gardens and courtyards waiting for you to explore. Also, the Alhambra is one of the most visited attractions in Spain. So if you are looking for the nicest part of Spain Andalusia is a great place. 


Barcelona is another special place in Spain. It is located in the northeastern part of Spain and is a top destination for people all over the world. In Barcelona, you can see some really special and interesting buildings such as the Sagrada Familia or  Casa Batlló. Another must-visit attraction is Park Güell. This is like a magical park beautiful mosaics and colorful gardens. You can walk around the park and also enjoy amazing views over the city of Barcelona. Walking along the promenade of La Rambla is also a very nice experience to get in Barcelona. Here you can find street performances, nice shops and restaurants. If you are into are Barcelona has got the Picasso Museum and this is definitely worth a visit to see some cool artwork by the special artist. Barcelona has many things to offer for tourists and is therefore seen as one of the nicest parts of Spain. 

Basque Country

In the North part of Spain there is a region called Basque Country. In this region traditions are a big part of their culture and these traditions are very important in Basque Country. The nicest parts of the Basque Country are San Sebastian and Bilbao. San Sebastian offers great beaches and has a lot of great food. When you visit San Sebastian you have to try the pintxos, which is a special type of tapas. You will find several pintxos bars in San Sebastian to try this special dish. Bilbao is another great city and is known for its famous Guggenheim museum which is worth a visit. 

Canary Islands

If you enjoy sunny beaches, perfect temperatures, and beautiful landscapes then the Canary Islands are perfect for you. Tenerife is the biggest Island in the Canaries and is also the one we recommend visiting. Tenerife has a huge mountain right in the middle of the island and it´s called El Teide. You can explore this mountain with local guides and they will tell you everything you want to know about this mountain. Gran Canaria is also a very great Island it has a bit of everything from beautiful beaches and dunes to mountains. The most iconic feature of Gran Canaria is its spectacular dunes. They are located in the southern part of the Island. These dunes are not only beautiful, but it’s also a protected area to keep it nice. 


There are a lot of great places to visit in Spain. Andalusia, Basque Country, the Canary Islands, and Barcelona are our top favorites and we think that these are the nicest parts of Spain. Of course, choosing a destination to visit in Spain is very personal. If you like busy places Barcelona might be the best choice, but if you like a quiet place Granada and Sevilla could be perfect for you. The Canary Islands are perfect for people who like beaches and nature, so if you want to go on a holiday to Spain for the nature and quiet the Canary Islands will fit perfectly.