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Should I go to Mallorca or Ibiza?

Should I go to Mallorca or Ibiza?

Do you want to go to the Mediterranean but can’t decide whether you should go to Mallorca or Ibiza? Fear not, because in this blog post, we will compare these two great islands. We want to help you make the right choice for your upcoming vacation. Let’s take a deeper dive into both of the islands and compare the two.

Location and Accessibility

Mallorca is the largest Balearic island and has great and easy accessibility and the island is well connected by an international airport. This is why it is a popular choice for travelers from all over the world. Due to its central location in the Mediterranean, there are many short flight times from many big European cities.


Ibiza is located southwest of Mallorca and also has a great transportation network. like Mallorca Ibiza also has its international airport. The airport of Ibiza is slightly smaller than the airport of Mallorca, but also from Ibiza, there are many international flights.


Both islands are very famous for their beautiful beaches each offering unique experiences. Mallorca has a very long coastline that stretches many kilometers this is also why Mallorca has got so many different types of beaches. Whether you like the lively atmosphere of Playa de Palma or the unique charm of Cala d’Or, Mallorca’s beaches are to all preferences. For families beaches like Alcudia Bay are perfect, while for people who look for more adventure Cala Aguila is great.



Ibiza is also blessed with the most beautiful beaches with energetic vibes. Ibiza has many iconic beaches like Playa d’en Bossa. Here you can find many beach clubs, music, and a great atmosphere. If you want a more tranquil experience Ibiza also got you covered with the Cala Conta where you can snorkel and relax at the same time.


Cultural Heritage

For travelers who like a taste of history on their vacation, both islands are fantastic. In Mallorca, you should go to the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Palma. Another great historical site is the ancient ruins of Pollentia, located in Alcudia. Moreover, the city Valldemossa is also great for a historcal escape. Lastly, you can go to the medieval fortress of Bellver Castle, where you can find panoramic views over the island.


Ibiza is around the world well known for the parties that the island hosts. Despite this party reputation Ibiza is also filled with history and even has a UNESCO-listed place called Dlte Vila. This place serves as a testament to its ancient past. To find the history of Ibiza you should head to Ibiza’s old town. Explore the streets and see the fortified citadel. If you are looking for some local culture of Ibiza we recommend you to visit the markets of Sant Jordi or go to a traditional folk performance at one of the cultural centers of Ibiza


When the sun sets both islands come alive with many great parties on both the islands. Mallorca’s nightlife is very diverse. You can go to a cocktail bar, beach clubs, or the more traditional nightclubs. We recommend you to go to Pacha or go to Nikki Beach. Also, the old town called Palma offers many great clubs for going out with your friends.

Ibiza is famous for its party reputation and is seen as the ultimate party destination around the world. Great places to go to in Ibiza are Amnesia or Café Mambo. The nightlife in Ibiza is better than almost everywhere in the world and there is just non-stop entertainment on this island. From underground techno parties to pool parties Ibiza offers a nightlife experience like no other place on earth.


We have now looked at different aspects of both islands. But now we have to answer to question of which island you should go to. The truth is that there is no clear winner, both islands are great in all aspects. What we do recommend is to look at your of personal preferences and make the decision like this. For example, if you like the nightlife more than the beaches you should probably go to Ibiza. If you are more fan of beaches than nightlife Mallorca might be better for you.